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Greenville News Article — Stuck in the middle: The struggle to find affordable housing in Greenville

The Greenville News just published an article about the state of “affordable housing” in general and in Greenville County specifically.

…When one thinks of “affordable housing,” the Vaughns’ home likely isn’t what comes to mind. Located in the Slater community, a historic mill village just outside of Travelers Rest and about a half-hour drive from downtown Greenville, the home is new and charming, with a front porch and a modest yard, where the Vaughns’ children have ample space to run around. Walk inside the home and you’ll be greeted by a fair-sized living room. Step into the kitchen and you’ll see all new appliances.

It’s exactly the kind of home one would expect for a working-class family like the Vaughns — if this were a generation or two ago.

But times have changed.

Since 1960, housing prices have grown at four times the rate of household incomes, according to ATTOM, a real estate and property data analytics company. With housing prices continuing to outpace wage growth by 31% in the last six years alone, working-class families are finding an increasingly difficult time purchasing their first home. With fewer options, families are stuck in an endless loop of renting, while some are forced to leave their communities outright and seek housing further away from their places of work.

“And that’s the problem right there,” said Monica Culbreath, a housing specialist with GCRA who worked with the Vaughns. “People who serve our community are not able to be in our community. It’s senseless to me.”

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Melody Vaughn stands in front of her home with two of her children and Monica Culbreath of GCRA.  Photo by Bonfire Visuals

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