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Greenville News article — After series of luxury housing plans in Sterling, affordable Habitat homes could be next

The Greenville News has published an article about Habitat for Humanity’s plans to to build a seven-unit townhouse community in the Sterling community of Greenville.

“…John Lattimore, Habitat’s chief program officer, along with the project’s engineer and architect, shared information about Habitat’s proposal with residents during the Sterling Neighborhood Association meeting in May…

In an email, Lattimore said the units will be sold at their appraised value once construction is finished. The benefit to Habitat homeowners is, as he said at the meeting, ‘we will make sure their mortgage does not exceed 30% of their gross monthly income…even if we have to take on a second mortgage,’ he said…”

Click here to read the entire article.

Image: Sterling community boundaries, City of Greenville

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