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Greenville Journal article — United Housing Connections looks to build homeless day shelter

The Greenville Journal has published an article about United Housing Connections‘ goal of opening a day shelter for unhoused individuals in Greenville.

“At the start of 2022, there were 443 individuals and families waiting on a priority list for housing in the Upstate, with 252 of those in Greenville.

That’s according to United Housing Connections CEO Lorain Crowl, who outlined the scope of the homelessness problem at the June 27 meeting of Greenville City Council.

It’s her hope the UHC organization will be able to open a day shelter, which would be a place for the unhoused to gather off the streets and have some of the benefits of home, like food, showers, laundry, storage and an address. Crowl said employers often require a permanent address before hiring someone.

‘It’s a safe place to rest with no fear,’ she said…”

Click here to read the entire article.

Photo: a Greenville County homeless camp — Greenville County Sheriff’s Office

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