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Greenville News article — Report: Millennials in Greenville, Anderson don’t earn enough to rent 1-bedroom apartment

The Greenville News has published an article about the large millennial renter wage gap.

The gap reflects the difference between what a typical rental costs and what the typical worker can afford, and there’s 9.4% to make up in the Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin market, according to researchers at Filterbuy.

Data for the Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin metro area:

    • Millennial renter wage gap: -9.4%
    • Millennial renter median wage: $30,366
    • Annual wage needed to afford a 1-bedroom rental: $33,520
    • Median 1-bedroom rent: $838
    • Percentage of millennials in rented housing: 23.0%

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