The 55th Anniversary of Fair Housing

Greenville County Human Relations Commission promotes Fair Housing and works to eliminate housing discrimination and ensure attainable housing opportunities for all people and communities through education and outreach.

Please join Greenville County Human Relations Commission at the Greenville Convention Center for their annual celebration of the Fair Housing Act. They will be educating attendees on Fair Housing and discussing the obstacles to fair housing in Greenville.

“Unfortunately, housing discrimination still exists; from families being denied a place to call home because of the color of their skin or where they come from, to landlords refusing to rent to people with disabilities that require a service animal, to individuals being denied a place to live because of who they love. In this moment of unprecedented crisis, Fair Housing is more important than ever. 55 years after the Fair Housing Act was signed, our journey to justice in housing continues…”-Secretary Marcia Fudge, 2022


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