The Post and Courier article — Long-term Greenville homeless encampment cleared: ‘A tough situation’

The Post and Courier (Greenville) has published an article about the clearing of a long-term homeless encampment in the Sans Souci neighborhood of Greenville in preparation for redevelopment of the site into a huge mixed-use project.

“We’re trying to find a place for them to go instead of just pushing them out into the community,” he said at the property. “This project is starting, and the owner can’t go forward until they’re off the property…

…United Housing Connections CEO Lorain Crowl said situations like the one that unfolded at the Union Bleachery site Oct. 25 are not the fault of private landowners or the deputies tasked with enforcing property laws. The issue is a systemic one, she said, and demonstrates to the area’s desperate need for more affordable housing. As the county’s population expands, its need for affordable housing grows, too. The Greenville Housing fund has estimated the area’s deficit of affordable units will grow to 20,000 by 2030…”

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Photo (by Nathaniel Cary) copyright: The Post and Courier

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